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"My name is Nicole Anderson and I recently had the extreme pleasure of working with your employee Tom McCabe. First off, let me apologize for the book I’m sure this email will eventually turn into. I will try to convey to you my appreciation for Tom McCabe’s service in as few words as possible, I just don’t see that being a few words because I’m so completely satisfied with every aspect of his service to me. I’m not sure service is even the right word. He saved one of the most important things in my life other than my family, and that is my family’s home. It’s so much more than just what he did, it’s how he did it.

I wanted to take the time to let you know what an exceptional employee you have in Tom, as I’m sure you are no doubt already aware. My husband and I had went through several other companies to try to get our mortgage modified and to not be foreclosed on. After sending them the information I’d go weeks or even a month or so without hearing anything from them. Once they got our money that is. They’d talk to me all day until they got my money. That is the total opposite of the service I received from Tom. I actually spoke with him a lot more AFTER I paid then I did before which is how it should be! He checked in with me at LEAST once a week, at least! He’d send me an email just to say that it’s still under review, and he’d give me a time frame of when the next step would happen and what that next step was. He’d even send an email if he hadn’t heard anything, just to say hey, I’m still working this. And if he hadn’t heard anything after a while he’d call them just to get the information to update me! I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it’s been! To receive weekly updates, to have your emails answered right away. I swear to you, there were days I’d email him and it’s like he was there just to serve me and me alone. He’d answer me within minutes. The normal turn around was a few hours but there were times it was within minutes..I mean even a few hours is exceptional but minutes is unheard of to me. Not to mention the dumb questions I would ask him, and he’d answer me like he’d had the same question himself, never making me feel like an idiot, and trust me, I can be pretty dense sometimes, especially with mortgages. Give me something about health insurance and I’m you girl, but he always made me feel comfortable and never dumb.  

His level of kindness, patience, and understanding was something I’d never received before from any other company or their representatives. My husband spent several days on and off in the hospital while we were going through this process, plus my entire household had the flu which had me off work a week and because of that I didn’t always get to answer his emails as fast as he mine. I also didn’t always get things faxed to him as fast as I’m sure he would have liked but he was extremely patient with us. He made sure I knew what was the last day I could get the information to him to not mess up my chances of a modification but never pestered me or bugged me about it. He just made it clear that getting us approved was his main concern and this was what he needed to see that it happened but our health was priority. We had a different experience with another company we went through where my husband was in the hospital and after paying them a good bit of money they stopped working on our case because I didn’t get an email answered to them within a day because I’d spent 24 hours in the ICU with my husband. So I know this isn’t how other people would have handled the delay. He was very understanding of my situation of having to work and go to the hospital and take care of a sick family member and not having a lot of time to do other things and he helped me as much as he could. It was so nice to be treated as a human being, and not just as a number or a paycheck. So often we forget that it’s people were dealing with, we just want to do our job as fast as possible and forget that life isn’t always perfect. Tom treated me as a person the entire time, never making me feel like my problems were an inconvenience  to his perfect time table, he was completely understand of it and made me feel at ease instead of feeling like I was  a problem for him. 

I also have  to mention his level of knowledge. If only I’d be half as smart as he J. I’m sure as perfect as he is you have to be aware of it, but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t let you know how great I think he is, and how wonderful I was treated by him. He is a HUGE asset to your company and anyone that has the pleasure to receive his services are truly fortunate. He told me exactly what to send in to get this modification approved. Nothing more, nothing less. Tom knows what I’m referring to, the back and forth with the checking account information because my name wasn’t first on it and wasn’t on the statements at all. This was so confusing to me, but Tom knew just how to explain it to me, in a very detailed and lengthy email that he had to have spent a lot of time on. I trusted in what he said and did as he said to do and it worked! Had I done what I had first intended to do without his explanation we would have most likely been denied or at best still be sending in documentation for their review. Thank you for this Tom! You were 100% right! Of course you were, I didn’t mean that to sound like a surprise to me, I knew he was right J it just took him an hour of writing me an email for me to understand it! His level of patience had to certainly be tested that day, although I’d never have known it from his reaction. Not once did he get smart or rude when I questioned him about this. When others would have been irate for me questioning them about something they do on a daily basis, he was professional and personable and very detailed but most importantly RIGHT! Way to go TOM, that was our first victory! The second being when we received the approval for the loan mod. You truly are a master at your trade! Thank you for knowing all that you do! 

I will be referring as many people as I come across that need similar help to your company and specifically to Tom. I’m not sure if you can ask for a specific person to work your case when you start the process but don’t be surprised to hear people asking for him by name. I’ve already told many of my coworkers and family how great my experience was with Tom and your company.

And yes, I have to tell you he was able to get my loan modified and the amount lowered and most importantly out of foreclosure! And some people would say that’s why I’ve been singing his praises, but even if he was unable to get our loan modified I would still be telling them how exceptional his level of total customer service was! My job is mainly providing customer service to Doctors and their office staff calling to obtain authorizations for medical services, and I’ve done this for almost 12 years. Having done this job for so long  I feel like I know how important good customer service is and the lack of it in this day and age. I pride myself in giving the best customer service I am able to and I know how hard this can be sometimes, especially with difficult and irate callers or to callers that are not too knowledgeable of health insurance or the authorizations process. Which makes Toms level of service so outstanding because I was one of those not to knowledgeable and difficult people! We have a goal at my job of a “one call resolution” meaning after just one phone call the customers’ needs are met and the issue resolved…Tom definitely meets that criteria. It was actually a few phone calls, a bunch of fax’s, and a lot of emails(mainly emails he would send me). But I feel like after he took over my case it was a done deal. I was in extremely capable hands and didn’t worry for a moment that it wouldn’t happen. 

I feel like I’m rambling now, but I wanted to be sure to convey to you how grateful and pleased  I am with Tom and wanted him to be noticed for his dedication to helping people and for all his hard work. Because of his excellent work I will now be able to pay my mortgage much easier than before and be much more financially secure. Most importantly because of Tom  I’m able to keep my home and the home my children have grown up in for the past 10 years, the only home they really remember living in. That was my main concern when we’d think about losing our home and when we’d receive the foreclosure notices, our children and uprooting them. It was important for us to keep our home for so many personal reasons, it was as though those personal reasons actually mattered to Tom as much as me and my family. For Tom to take on this task with such effectiveness means the world to me, my husband, and our two children who will now be able to graduate high school living in the same house the did when they started school. Sorry to keep going on and on, but I wanted you to know how much it means to us and how thankful we are that Tom helped us with something that means so much, and is so important to all of us. Thank you for having such a wonderful employee handle my case, it’s been a pure pleasure to know him. 

Tom, I wanted you to personally know that the job you did has impacted our lives in such a good way, myself, my husband, Jeremy and our children, Destiny and Hoss wanted you to know how much we all appreciate the hard work you did  on our behalf. You truly were a blessing to us, I hope this letter conveys that to you in the way I meant for it to, I know I sometimes ramble on but it’s only when I feel as passionate as I do about the fact that you saved our happy home! So take my ramblings as the highest possible compliment and know that because of you 4 people are still living the American Dream! Thank you Tom!"

- Nicole A., Greencastle, PA
"Ocean Legal Group is the easiest law firm I have ever worked with. I was behind and in foreclosure, but OLG kept pressure on a lender that said NO to everything I asked for.  In the end The staff at Ocean Legal Group forced them into a legal position to say YES.  Thank you staff for your hard work" - Frank D., Hoboken, NJ
"Ocean Legal Group is a real gem. How anyone can handle this matter on their own is beyond me.  My options were bankruptcy, and OLG 's staff and co-counsel handled my matters with aggression and diligence.  Thank you Mr. Caplan" - Ragina L, Salt Lake City, UT
"OLG was precise and in complete control of this matter from day 1.  I thought it was hopeless, but he proved me completely wrong.  He handled my foreclosure matter back in 2008, and I have had no problems since then.  Thank you Ocean staff!" - Rose D., Austin, TX
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